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  1. fawnkitten answered: :O LACE! How wonderful!
  2. thebelbinboy answered: the lace is pretty, but id say go without
  3. storm-saxon answered: Lace! Gives it a beautiful new layer and depth! <3
  4. shadowglance answered: no lace
  5. xaynie answered: No lace. How about substituting it for a gold bustle instead?
  6. alicefearless answered: Lace!! >__<
  7. sporadicwriter answered: Lace.
  8. xa-la-mode-a-la-mortx answered: No lace.
  9. frecklesthecosplayer answered: lace. definitly lace
  10. mydandyfinger answered: Forever Laced
  11. thelibraryofminds said: Lace;)
  12. comicbookshopgirl answered: lace
  13. timeisjustamelody- answered: lace!
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  15. nerdyfairy answered: lace, def.
  16. ragamuffin-shauntilly answered: maybe shortening the lace as just an accent..otherwise i do love this look without the lace at all
  17. windup-crow answered: No lace. I feel the stark contrast is a more visually interesting
  18. a-clockworks-rosa answered: Lace!! This is so beautiful, the lace gives it that extra touch of elegance.
  19. huzzahtuesday answered: I like it better without the lace. I think that an off white lace could be nice, but the brown isnt quite the right brown
  20. euflonica answered: no lace :) It`s so lovely!
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